Accelerated Reading Points

Students are required to read throughout the year to raise comprehension skills and fluency rates. They will have 15 minutes every day in the classroom to read and will be required to read 20 minutes each night for homework. When they complete a story they will take an accelerated reading quiz on the computer and points will be earned based on the students score. Accelerated Reader are included in a student’s reading grade. AR points will also be recognized on an incentive basis.

6th Accelerated Reader Targets
1st Trimester                                                                                            25 points
2nd Trimester                                                                                          25 points
3rd Trimester                                                                                          25 points

Renaissance Home Connect
Our Accelerated Reader Program is expanded through a program called Renaissance Home Connect.    Every student will have a personal password for Accelerated Reader.  SAVE THIS PASSWORD!  By saving this password, you can log onto the Renaissance Home Connect website and access your child’s AR quiz and test results.  You will be able to quickly and efficiently monitor your child’s participation and performance in our Accelerated Reader program.

Renaissance Home Connect Website